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4 Responses to Online Community

  1. Vera says:

    Although I love my pacsafe knapsack it does have one fault. The outside pocket is not secure. I always wondered about this oversight. Unfortunately I recently had a pickpocketing experience while in Montreal because of this. If the pocket had 2 zipper pulls these could then be secured by lock or other means. Please consider making changes to this otherwise very secure product.
    Kind Regards,
    Vera (Winnipeg)

  2. Jo Mill says:

    I have been looking for secure luggage, and the Pacsafe products look great. I was going to buy the Metrosafe 400 until I noticed a fatal flaw – it uses zippers. It does not matter if the zips are locked, you can break into the bag in a couple of seconds using a ballpoint pen, as this youtube video shows. The pen simply splits open the zippered compartment:

    I was hoping Pacsafe would have solved this problem, but I could find nothing on the website to indicate they have.

  3. Tracy Bier says:

    I’ve loved my Pac Safe city 200 purse (in the color red). Fabric is “blackened” over 2 years of average use. Cleaning does not help. Also metal connection between the strap and the purse broke suddenly and I had to jerry rig it. Anyone know if these things have been fixed?

  4. Andrey says:

    Give your answer to the letter. (Wholesale price and conditions ? )
    Markov Andrey

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