CSN – RFIDsafe 50

Award-winning RFIDsafe 50 in the Canadian Sports Newsletter (CSN) Week in Review by the Canadian Sporting Goods Association (CSGA)!


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3 Responses to CSN – RFIDsafe 50

  1. Adrian says:

    Too bad the RFIDsafe doesn’t actually block RFID signals. Tested it at my work yesterday and it failed horribly. I will be returning this asap.

  2. jen says:

    HI Adrian,

    Thanks for the feedback! We just wanted to check how you tested the product as all our RFID blocking products are made up of a high frequency (HF) blocking material which prevents specifically credit cards, e passports, bank cards and ID cards from being read. Our material has also just been approved and certified by the US government as being one of the most effective materials on the market. If you can let us know how you tested this, we can look into this further for you as we take all product feedback seriously.


  3. John Doe Not says:

    Jen @ Pacsafe.
    Can you explain how a consumer would test this product without having to buy an RFID scanner? My understanding is that the product is a faraday cage/shield. If I put my cellphone in the bag and try to call it, I would not expect it to ring? Is this a valid consumer test?

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